Alan Dale Dickinson

Creator of Charlie O'Brien, Private Investigator
of "The Christian Detective" Series

What's Alan's story?

A native of Southern California, Alan Dale Dickinson started shaking things up on the day he was born, during an earthquake. He continued making waves in the world later, eventually working his way up many ladders to become the President of a major US bank.
And that's just the beginning...

WHERE can I get Alan's BOOKS?

Besides being able to order Alan's books - which are many, and which cover subjects as diverse as how to write novels, to christian living, to the wildly popular "Christian Detective Series," featuring Charlie O'Brien, PI - on Amazon, his ouvre is available across the internet...

WHAT'S Alan's story Today?

Alan is not only wildly creative, and otherwordly well-read, and well-versed, and experienced, he's also insanely prolific. Not many days go by that don;t feature some writing output from Alan's typewriter. Take some time to look through his blog to get some of the latest writing into your experience...

Upcoming Works, Current Projects, Readings

Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on.— Louis L’ Amour